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National Training Session in Southampton

  • Sunday, 24 August 2014 00:00
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Well done to Zaw!
Just a quick report on the National Training Session in Southampton. Master Erdogan Tabur and Master Stewart Armotrading both made Zaw very welcome. A quick breakdown of what happened:

12pm -12:30pm (Game of basketball, very funny to watch)
12:30pm - 2pm (Stretching, Kicking drills, 1 kick sparring and general advice on fighting)
2pm (Break, apples, water and bananas were provided)
2:15pm (They put the protection on the fighting started)
3pm - 3:50pm (The group was split into two teams and each member fought, first to 2 points wins and Zaw won his fight)
3:50-4pm (Warm down)

Zaw had a great time, he didn't know anyone but by the end they were high 5's and lots of smiles. The session was extended by 1 hour, all the students looked tired by the end  

It was a long drive but was worth it though! 
(report from Zaw's Dad Steve) 

Some photos from the day!

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