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Milton Keynes Seminar 20th July 2014

  • Thursday, 24 July 2014 00:00
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Sunday 20th July 2014 Milton Keynes Taekwondo Academy hosted a seminar for Poomsae, Sparring and Self Defence.

It was well attended, not only by members of our own club but by members of Taekwondo England clubs from Mansfield, Doncaster, Northampton and Peterborough.

The Poomsae element was led by Master Kevin Jervis, Taekwondo England’s National Coach, assisted by César, and covered all Kup grade poomsae from Il Jang to Pal Jang, together with  a few higher patterns for the black belts present. The sparring was led by Master Seelan Rengasamy, Chairman of Taekwondo England, he introduced us to some fun drills designed to help improve sparring techniques. The self-defence was led by our own Alison Ellerton and included some basic escape techniques for the juniors and some more advanced controlling techniques for the seniors and higher grades.

Everyone who took part enjoyed the day and everyone learned something new to take away with them to put into practice in their own training. All in all, the seminar was a great success. Our thanks go to Master Kevin Jervis, Master Seelan Rangasamy and Master Dennis Robinson for their help in staging the event.

Some photos from the day below:

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